About Redeeming Restoration Disaster Sevices

I'm not going to waste your time… Let's get to the point of why you clicked onto the About Us Page.

Who We Are

Sheri Osborne - Owner

Sheri Osborne - Owner

Sheri puts a smile on my face, making everyday a blessing and the whole reason we started Redeeming Restoration! I watched my beautiful and hardworking wife teach, train, and raise our five wonderful children while struggling with her health. So, when she decided that we needed to start our company, after seeing the frustration of other people, not having help during their disasters, I was in full agreement.

Dennis - Operations Manager

Dennis - Operations Manager

See the picture of the good looking man? That’s my wonderful, intelligent, and hard working husband! Not only is he smart (masters in School Administration) but hard working (mechanical engineer for 15 years), but treats me like his queen (which makes a happy wife). Since he had to be Mr. Mom (while I was so ill) he knows first hand what a disaster can do to loved ones and does every job with care and precision!

What We Do...


Water, Sewage, & Fire
We are the experts and specialize in returning your home or business to pre-loss condition fast! Fast response is crucial when you are dealing with water, sewage and smoke.

We specialize in finding the root cause of your Mold problem. Utilizing certified mold inspections, proper mold removal techniques, and repairing of household damage due to mold.


Why We Do What We Do

I (Sheri) had mold poisoning and was bedridden on and off for over seven years and ended up in the ER unable to speak with stroke like symptoms. My five children were also very sick, enduring many hospitalizations, continual illnesses, many surgeries, and countless medical appointments and professionals. Since the doctors could not figure out what was causing the root of our health issues, I searched for homeopathic remedies and solutions. Throughout the seven years there was no relief, but continual health deterioration! Medical prescriptions, remedies and advice galore! My unending intake of antibiotics would relieve the symptoms for a short time, then due to my suppressed immune systems I would become ill again, and turned into a never ending cycle. There was no one we knew who could find what the root cause of making our family sick. I tried virtually everything under the sun to improve my families health - but to no avail. Through a planned visit to see my family in Colorado, during the winter, did I see the first steps of finding the root cause of our health problems.

During our 2 week visit and being out of our home in Southern California did we see a gradual health improvement in the children and myself. Within 24 hours of being back in our Southern California home, I was again bedridden and my youngest daughter started turning gray again. I knew at that moment that something was wrong with our home, and it turned out to be MOLD — BLACK MOLD!! I had an IEP test our home for mold. The mold spore count in my daughters' room was extremely elevated and had to be quarantined. My husband and I decided that the deteriorated health of our family and the smog conditions of Southern California were not conducive to our recovery, thus we moved to a colder climate. It has taken over 2 years for me to gain my strength, my health, and to build a stronger immune system. I am so much more alive and vibrate and have a new lease on LIFE!

The Passion

The hopelessness and desperation of my baffling and mind boggling illness produced a never ending cycle of fear and frustration. Mold highjacked my family's dreams, stole years of my life, and placed a burden on my husband. I was resigned to live with this mysterious and unsolvable illness; however, hope returned with the discovery of our sick house (mold, poor indoor air quality). No one was there to help me, to give me answers, to give support, to empathize, or TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM!

Two reasons why I started my company… Provide support during a disaster and educate clients on potential emergencies. I know how you feel since I have personally experienced how a disaster can change ones life.

In our eyes you are not just another client, but someone whose life has been disrupted and needs help. It would be my pleasure to help and serve you.

Passionately striving in providing services at a higher level!

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